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How long does it take for my submitted profile to be approved and posted on the wall of graduates?

Should your submission be complete and follow the submission regulations, than it will be posted within one business week. You will be notified by email once your submission has been approved or denied.

Can I remove my profile if I no longer want to be featured on the wall of graduates?

Yes, you simply have to log into your profile and remove your submission from there at any time.

Can I make changes to my profile once it has been published?

Yes, you simply need to log into your profile and make the required changes.

Can I send in a submission for both the Qualifications Upgrade and the Leadership program?

Yes, you can. You will need select both programs and add both graduation dates and the name of the college program(s) attended. All selected programs will then be part of your profile, and your testimonial can speak to both programs.

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